Kia Ricchi
Kia Ricchi has been an active artist since her early childhood years spent in Europe. While living abroad in Berlin, Germany, she found that art classes allowed her to meet local artists who participated in the local cultural scene. During the seven years she resided in Berlin, she also studied in Siena, Italy, and Stockholm, Sweden, where her mother's family resides.
After receiving her bachelor's degree in New York, she relocated to Florida where she worked as a professional artist at the large theme parks for ten years.
  In 1998, she began to develop her own series of work titled "Creative Seating Series" because of her desire to combine aesthetics and function.
Ideally she wants to create art that encourages the public to explore the work physically. Concrete became her medium of choice - a structural medium that can be artistically manipulated and is capable of withstanding physical contact and the stress and wear of the natural elements.

She later became a licensed building contractor to satisfy her interest in the structural aspects of the large scale projects she was developing.

Currently she has combined her artistic and building skills to create highly artistic concrete counter tops that incorporate tile mosaics, acid staining, and decorative cut patterns.

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